3 Reasons to Install a Retaining Wall Before Winter

By ProScapes / October 18, 2017 / Hardscapes, Residential / No Comments

Summer is over, fall is here, and winter is on its way. Our seasons change so quickly, but there is still time to get in some of those last-minute landscaping projects- especially those that will help your home in the long-run. Retaining walls offer many benefits for our Hudson, NH clients, and we can think […]

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3 Reasons to Get Rid of Those Leaves

By ProScapes / September 20, 2017 / Landscaping / No Comments

It’s getting to that time of year where ProScapes has begun to receive calls for seasonal landscaping help in and around Hudson, NH. Skilled landscapers know the importance of fall cleanup, and often focus on removing debris, such as leaves. If you have been questioning your need for raking, we can think of a few […]

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Fall Landscaping Chores

By ProScapes / August 16, 2017 / Landscaping, Residential / No Comments

The team at ProScapes can’t believe that after another successful landscaping season in Hudson, NH, we’re getting ready for fall. The air is already starting to cool off, and we are preparing our homes for the changing weather ahead. We know there are many homeowners out there who love working on their own gardening and […]

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Lawn Disease and How to Prevent It

By ProScapes / July 26, 2017 / Landscaping / No Comments

Maintaining a healthy lawn is the best way to avoid disease outbreak in turf grass. Your lawn requires optimal amounts of water and fertilizer, aerated, well-drained soil, and the right mowing system. If these factors are missing or in excess, the grass can become stressed and more susceptible to disease. Selecting a grass species that […]

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Why Landscaping is a Smart Business Investment

By ProScapes / July 12, 2017 / Landscaping, Uncategorized / No Comments

Business owners already spend so much, it’s hard to justify the expense of landscaping past the minimum for appearances and to meet regulations. But what if upgraded curb-side appeal could increase your foot traffic or property value? A professional landscaping company like ProScapes can help you create a long-term plan to make your landscaping into […]

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Reason You Need Regular Lawn Maintenance

By ProScapes / June 21, 2017 / Uncategorized / No Comments

When your yard looks great, and all the pieces come together nicely, maintaining your yard will keep your plants and trees healthy, and help everything to thrive in the warm months. Here at ProScapes, we know what steps need to be taken to maintain your lawn so you can get the most out of it. […]

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Unlikely Benefits of Trees in Your Landscape Design

By ProScapes / June 7, 2017 / Uncategorized / No Comments

Our climate doesn’t just affect the temperatures outside; it also affects the temperature and comfort of our homes. Your home can be made cooler or warmer than you’d like depending on the amount of sun that comes through your windows, and the air and ground temperature. Landscaping from ProScapes can go a long way towards […]

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Common Weeds Found In NH

By ProScapes / May 24, 2017 / Landscaping / No Comments

Weeds are a nuisance and typically unsightly. There are many different types of weeds, many of which grow in different areas of the country. They have different characteristics, some being ugly, some that sprout flowers. Weeds can put a damper on any lawn and here are a few commonly found in landscaping for Hudson, NH […]

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Why Your Landscape Needs Hardscape

By ProScapes / May 17, 2017 / Landscaping / No Comments

Perhaps your lawn is run down, dull, or could use an upgrade to turn heads. There is importance in landscaping and curb appeal, or how attractive a house looks to a passerby, guest or home buyer. If your planning on staying in your home for some time but you’re not happy with the lawn, reworking […]

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How Irrigation Systems Benefit You

By ProScapes / May 10, 2017 / Landscaping, Residential / No Comments

One of the best ways to ensure that a lawn looks its best is by using irrigation systems, which are automatic water sprayers installed underneath a lawn that turns on and off by themselves. Providing water to your lawn or soil, irrigation can be a cost-efficient way to ensure the sustainability of your landscaping. They’re […]

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