Ways to Create Privacy in Your Yard

Having a beautiful lawn to lounge in on a nice summer day is a great way to relax and get some fresh air.After Unfortunately, not all of us have a lot of privacy, and excess noise from the neighbors can be distracting. There are some additions you can make to your yard to add appeal that looks great and allow you to enjoy your time outside without others watching.

Planting a hedge wall can provide year-round screening

You can plant a mix of deciduous or evergreen trees, shrubs, and perennials. Layering plants create a more naturalistic look. Planting deciduous shade trees can be a good way to obscure a neighbor’s view from a second-story window. If you position them over a deck or patio, they can provide shade and privacy in the summer.

Potted plants can be placed to create a green screen around a raised deck seating area

Combining annuals with ornamental grasses, shrubs, or dwarf evergreens so you can go with a mix of colors, textures, and foliage. You can layer hanging pots instead, using trailing plants to make fillers. You can also plant fast growing vines in pots and guide the vines to grow where you like by attaching fishing line.

A fence is the quickest way to some privacy

Make sure to check building codes regarding fence heights. Fences can be a good solution in a side yard where space is tight. If you already have a fence, you can add height to it. You can add a trellis or plant evergreens along the length of the fence. If you have an iron fence, you can get faux ivy to place along the fence or a trellis. If you’re not fond of fences, try a lattice. You won’t close of your yard too much, and you can grow vines or climbing roses on them.

You can have a living wall of plants. Tall and bushy plants will offer maximum privacy. You can see which plants will last year-round. You can also grow plants in raised beds. Adding some height to your plants will give you more coverage.

There are many ways to add privacy to your yard, and there are professionals out there excited to make your dream a reality. If you’re looking for a company with professionals that can give insight on the best layout for your yard, call ProScapes at (603) 635-4005.

5 Ways Hardscapes Benefit Property Owners

Hardscape-LandscapeNow that spring is finally in the air, like the rest of us, you may be thinking of making some changes in your life. And some of the most fulfilling changes a person can make is to the aesthetic appeal of their lawns. You may look out at your lawn and be thankful that it’s lush and green but still have a nagging feeling that it’s missing something. Maybe it’s missing some additional color, some more efficient walkways or some helpful retaining walls. These are what we in the business call “hardscapes.” Hardscapes are the non-living aspects of a lawn’s landscape, and can be both beautiful and highly functional at the same time.

Hardscapes can describe any use of stone, concrete, wood or fountains used in a landscape. Structures like these create an attractive balance between themselves and the natural grass, trees, plants and shrubs that make up the rest of your landscape. They add color that makes a lawn really pop – significantly boosting a property’s curb appeal. Hardscapes come with more benefits, however, and we’d like to go over five of them with you today.

  1. Lessens landscape erosion – Adding hardscapes to your lawn can help decrease erosion in your landscape. This is especially important if your lawn has uneven soil or slopes in its landscape.
  2. Increased property value – At ProScapes, we’re experts when it comes to adding hardscapes to a property and always strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. This means that, working with us, you’ll be adding incredibly attractive, high-quality hardscapes to your lawn that will immediately increase your property’s value. Hardscapes give a property a polished, organized look that is both eye-catching and functional.
  3. Less lawn maintenance – Unlike the organic parts of a landscape, hardscapes don’t need to be regularly watered, mowed, weeded or fertilized. This greatly reduces the amount of maintenance needed to keep a landscape looking its best.
  4. Increased accessibility – Hardscapes include things like pathways, patios and sidewalks that increase accessibility and mobility in your property’s landscape. Without getting their shoes dirty, your guests or residents can casually stroll through your landscape with ease.
  5. Reduced water bill – As mentioned above, hardscapes don’t require regular watering the way organic parts of landscapes do. This can go a long way when saving water, which means saving money!

These are but five of the many ways property owners can benefit from hardscapes. We hope this has been informative and will get you thinking about making a change in your landscape today!

If you’re interested in professional hardscapes, contact us at: 603-635-4005

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