Three Project Ideas to Transform Your Yard

It may not feel like it, but spring is just around the corner. With the warmer weather coming, you’ll likely want to enjoy your time outside. Here are three project ideas that will transform your yard and help make the most of the warm months ahead. To find out what ProScapes can do for your yard, just follow the link at the bottom of this article.

Fire Pit/Patio Combo

Flintlocke Drive Fire Pit and Patio Before
Flintlocke Drive Fire Pit and Patio After
What better way to enjoy your summer nights in New Hampshire than gathered around a fire pit on your backyard patio! If you have unused space in your yard and are looking for a great way to use it, this is the perfect addition. Having a fire pit built into your patio is the ideal spot for your friends and family to gather outside. People can hang out at a cookout during the day, and enjoy the fire pit through the night.

If that’s not enough reason to add a patio, you’ll also increase your home’s overall market value. More and more, people who are looking to buy homes are interested in the outdoor space. Having an amazing backyard fire pit and patio, is a great way to have your home be noticed, and ultimately lead to more money in your pocket.

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Flintelock Drive Fire Pit & Patio

Retaining Walls

Taschereua Retaining Wall Before
Taschereua Retaining Wall After
Retaining walls not only serve a functional purpose, but they can also add aesthetics to your yard. They can be used to level off part of a yard, prevent erosion, or just make a yard look fantastic.

In this particular transformation, this Nashua home had an existing old rock retaining wall. While it served it’s purpose at one time, the age and type of rocks used prevented it from being completely leveled off or adding a separate patio space.

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Taschereua Retaining Wall


Jeremy Lane Walkway Before
Jeremy Lane Walkway After
Walkways can help make a great first impression for people coming to your house. Having an old wore down brick or concrete walkway can make people feel unwelcome walking up to your home. Not to mention if it wasn’t properly installed, you could have weeds coming through making your walkway unsightly. If there are loose bricks or stones, your walkway could even pose as a tripping hazard. So do yourself a favor and ask ProScapes about how we can improve your current walkway, or add a new one.

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Jeremy Lane Walkway

For more transformation ideas, visit out Before & After gallery page of our website.


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3 Reasons to Install a Retaining Wall Before Winter

Summer is over, fall is here, and winter is on its way. Our seasons change so quickly, but there is still time to get in some of those last-minute landscaping projects- especially those that will help your home in the long-run. Retaining walls offer many benefits for our Hudson, NH clients, and we can think of three important reasons you should consider investing in before the cold sets in:


Many homeowners will create retaining walls to help keep their soil in place and avoid the chance of runoff, which often occurs with heavy rainfall or melting snow. Depending on where your retaining wall is located in your yard, you could have not only a functional structure to prevent erosion but also a great aesthetic addition to your landscape.

Water damage

When water isn’t able to properly drain away from your home, you could be faced with a variety of water damages to and in your home. From flooded basements to rotten siding, retaining walls are worth the investment because of what they could save you in water destruction down the road.

Structural damage

With erosion and water damage both worries for homes that don’t have proper drainage systems, foundation concerns can quickly arise. One way to prevent these problems from occurring is with retaining walls. They can fix a variety of level and water problems related to your property and be the ultimate money-saver.

When choosing a landscaper to work with on your complex hardscape projects, think ProScapes. We know the ins and outs of our New England climate, and we will help determine precisely what kind of retaining walls your home could benefit from.

With more questions about our masonry work or how our land care could help benefit your Hudson, NH home, please contact ProScapes today by calling (603) 635-4005.