Why Do You Need a Retaining Wall?

When it comes to landscaping, you’ll hear the term “retaining wall” a lot. Do you know what this term means, and if you need a retaining wall in your garden? Learn what this means to you and for your landscaping designs today.

A retaining wall is a wall that holds soil back from a sloped surface. It can turn the slope into steps of flat ground instead. Depending on the type of soil and the shape of the landscape, this can be for aesthetic purposes or a necessary action for preventing erosion in a garden.

Excess water in your garden will naturally run to the lowest point. This means that if your garden is on a sloped surface, the water can pool at the bottom. The plants along the slope won’t have an even distribution of water, and the soil at the bottom will begin to erode, causing eventual destruction of the entire landscape.

There are also plenty of aesthetic properties to a retaining wall that can completely change your garden’s look. It can transform a slope into levels of flat ground, which will look far different. Flat land is far more accessible for maintenance and planting, so you can have a wider variety of plants and flowers in your landscape. Your garden will look one-of-a-kind.

Your options for retaining walls are varied, so you can choose what fits your aesthetic. The retaining wall can be made of rock, concrete, or whatever material fits the design of your garden the best. You can have the walls create levels within a garden, or be around a walkway through the garden. This will establish visual boundaries, which you can use to draw the eye or feet to specific parts of your landscape.

If you want or need a retaining wall in your garden, contact Proscapes for guidance in choosing your wall’s style, and the most trustworthy installation. We’re experts in retaining walls in your landscape design, and we’re here to help.

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3 Reasons to Get Rid of Those Leaves

It’s getting to that time of year where ProScapes has begun to receive calls for seasonal landscaping help in and around Hudson, NH. Skilled landscapers know the importance of fall cleanup, and often focus on removing debris, such as leaves. If you have been questioning your need for raking, we can think of a few reasons you should get rid of those leaves:

1. It is the perfect place for pests and insects to live

Spiders, ticks, snails, worms, slugs, and abundance of other little critters make themselves at home in fallen leaves, as they provide some of the insulation they need to survive through the winter. Though many of these insects are harmless, there are some that carry diseases, which can impact you, your loved ones, and your pets.

2. It can impact the way your grass grows next season

Your lawn needs to breathe, and leaves create a thick layer over the surface that can suffocate your grass. Leaves form a barrier which does not allow water, nutrients, or air to reach the grassroots. In the spring, you could find your lawn dead after finally cleaning up the leaves!

3. It can cause snow mold and other diseases to your lawn

Similar to how leaves can create a barrier from the outside elements to your grass, leaves can trap moisture between them and the ground, especially during winter when snow falls and melts. This moisture, over an extended period of time, can cause mold and disease to your grass.

Are you out of time this season to complete the work yourself? There are landscaping companies out there who offer spring and fall lawn cleanup to prevent these issues from happening. From flower maintenance to mulching, ProScapes specializes in seasonal cleanup to ensure your home looks beautiful and is ready for the year to follow.

With more questions about how ProScapes can help with your lawn care in Hudson, NH, contact our experts today by calling (603) 635-4005.

Fall Landscaping Chores

The team at ProScapes can’t believe that after another successful landscaping season in Hudson, NH, we’re getting ready for fall. The air is already starting to cool off, and we are preparing our homes for the changing weather ahead. We know there are many homeowners out there who love working on their own gardening and lawn maintenance, so here are a few chores we want you to remember to plan for winter:

Transplant shrubs

Fall is the ideal season for shrub transplanting because as your shrubs move into their dormant stages, they require less water and attention, which in turn protects against the stress caused by moving the plants.


Similar with transplants, fall is another great time to prune your shrubs and trees. Landscapers in the Hudson, NH area often suggest waiting until this season to prevent disease from growing and also allows the tree or shrub to heal slowly.

Weed and fertilize

Weeding and turning over your soil while the ground is soft will save you lots of time and hard labor in the spring. Fertilizer will provide your plants with the nutrients they will be going without during the winter season, as well.


If there is one lawn care tip most important for the Hudson, NH climate, it’s to mulch! Mulch provides your plants with the warmth they need during the winter season and protects them against the harsh elements they will face.

Prep sprinkler system and outdoor faucets

The last thing you want is to deal with cracks and other concerns caused by ice in the winter time. Take time to learn about your particular system, disconnected all hoses, store them properly, and remove remaining water from the inside of pipes to prevent freezing.

If you find that these tasks are too much to handle, give our team a call! We would love to help prepare your landscape for the cold seasons ahead and survive for another year of beautiful blooming next spring!

With more questions, please contact us today by calling (603) 635-4005.

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Disease and How to Prevent It

Maintaining a healthy lawn is the best way to avoid disease outbreak in turf grass. Your lawn requires optimal amounts of water and fertilizer, aerated, well-drained soil, and the right mowing system. If these factors are missing or in excess, the grass can become stressed and more susceptible to disease. Selecting a grass species that is adapted to the local climate and following through with proper maintenance are steps that can be taken to avoid severe lawn disease.

Many common diseases are active under specific environmental conditions that affect the lawn for a short time. When the weather is more favorable, the lawn will often recover so long as cultural practices are followed. If conditions and practices that favor disease continue, it can result in long-term damage to your lawn, and that can be difficult to recover from.

If you have a lawn that’s suffering from injury, identifying the cause will help you know how best to treat it. This can be difficult as diseases aren’t always the primary reason. Diseases typically start off as small patches or spots of drying grass that spread over time. If this damage is sudden and widespread, it’s possible pests or insects, weeds or too much or too little water or fertilizer can be contributing to the problem. Your grass could be damaged from dog urine, herbicides or other chemicals, poor drainage, competing for vegetation or thatch.

Nearly all lawn diseases result from pathogenic fungi that infect blades, stems, or roots of the grass. These diseases have identifying symptoms, usually including leaf spots, white, powdery growth, thin, open grass, and small to vast areas of discolored or dying lawn. Rotted crowns and roots, yellow leaves, stunting and wilting are other signs of affected lawn areas.

The most common causes of discolored lawns are from irrigation problems. Ensuring even water coverage, and that the grass isn’t getting too much or too little water is key.

To prevent lawn diseases, use cultural practices to promote your grass to grow with a good recuperative ability. Irrigation, fertilization, mowing, soil cultivation, and thatch removal are good cultural practices to do to help prevent diseases.

If you’re looking for experienced professionals with the tools to maintain your lawn and help fight off lawn disease, give ProScapes a call at (603) 635-4005.

Why Landscaping is a Smart Business Investment

Business owners already spend so much, it’s hard to justify the expense of landscaping past the minimum Modern commercial building located in industrial parkfor appearances and to meet regulations. But what if upgraded curb-side appeal could increase your foot traffic or property value? A professional landscaping company like ProScapes can help you create a long-term plan to make your landscaping into an investment.

Landscaping for a business is a fast and affordable way to transform your curb appeal. Clients and employees can enjoy the landscaping from the outside and the inside. Upgraded landscaping increases your property value and makes your business more attractive to the eye.

  • Having a professional design can give a positive image of your business to your customers. Color attracts the eye and encourages people to visit and linger. Combining the right design with the right amount of color to create the appropriate look for your business is not only beneficial for your customers, but for your employees as well.
  • Have your landscape mirror your business so that it can create the appropriate mood with customers. For example, a business dedicated to therapeutic work, or a spa can have a soothing landscape. A business that is supposed to be exciting can benefit from a breathtaking landscape.
  • Sustainability is everywhere, and it doesn’t hurt to use environmentally friendly materials. Planting a drought-tolerant landscape that minimizes watering requirements, or native foliage that will need less care can reduce maintenance costs. There are hardscape choices you can use that can infiltrate water while still being functional spaces. Green landscapes reduce air, soil, and water pollution and make healthy recreational areas.
  • Since flowers and shrubs die, mulch decays and grassy areas get worn out; most commercial landscapes are recycled every few years. You can create a landscape that is durable, sustainable, and longer lasting to save time, money, and labor in the long run.

Maintaining your landscape by professionals will ensure your landscaping receives the best attention so your business can continue to benefit. At ProScapes, we provide services for every season to ensure your lawn looks well-kept and professional.

Call ProScapes at (603) 635-4005 for your expert landscaping needs.