Tree Services


Planting a tree is one of the best additions to your home’s lawn that you can invest in. Apart from looking great, trees can also provide shade while producing oxygen for the environment. They can also last for generations if planted professionally. It is essential that a tree gets a healthy head start in order to grow to maturity, and we provide professional tree planting services that yield healthy trees that you and your family can enjoy for a lifetime.


Sometimes trees can become problematic if they are damaged or start to grow too close to your home. We specialize in the removal of trees that have overstayed their welcome. You want your home’s lawn to be obstacle-free and safe for your family and friends so may want to rid your lawn of trees that have become nuisances. We will safely remove unwanted trees from your lawn without damaging your landscape or your home.

Trimming or Removal of Branches

When trees grow wild, they can become quite problematic if not properly attended to. Their limbs and branches can invade your home’s lawn and your home itself. It is not uncommon for tree branches to break loose and cause damage to your property as well. Instead of risking life and limb, let ProScapes take care of your tree trimming and branch removal cleanly and professionally.