Why Do You Need a Retaining Wall?

When it comes to landscaping, you’ll hear the term “retaining wall” a lot. Do you know what this term means, and if you need a retaining wall in your garden? Learn what this means to you and for your landscaping designs today.

A retaining wall is a wall that holds soil back from a sloped surface. It can turn the slope into steps of flat ground instead. Depending on the type of soil and the shape of the landscape, this can be for aesthetic purposes or a necessary action for preventing erosion in a garden.

Excess water in your garden will naturally run to the lowest point. This means that if your garden is on a sloped surface, the water can pool at the bottom. The plants along the slope won’t have an even distribution of water, and the soil at the bottom will begin to erode, causing eventual destruction of the entire landscape.

There are also plenty of aesthetic properties to a retaining wall that can completely change your garden’s look. It can transform a slope into levels of flat ground, which will look far different. Flat land is far more accessible for maintenance and planting, so you can have a wider variety of plants and flowers in your landscape. Your garden will look one-of-a-kind.

Your options for retaining walls are varied, so you can choose what fits your aesthetic. The retaining wall can be made of rock, concrete, or whatever material fits the design of your garden the best. You can have the walls create levels within a garden, or be around a walkway through the garden. This will establish visual boundaries, which you can use to draw the eye or feet to specific parts of your landscape.

If you want or need a retaining wall in your garden, contact Proscapes for guidance in choosing your wall’s style, and the most trustworthy installation. We’re experts in retaining walls in your landscape design, and we’re here to help.

Landscaping from ProScapes

Professional Landscaping at its Finest

Landscaping from ProScapesAt ProScapes, we understand how exciting it is for us New Englanders to finally be free of snow and able to enjoy our lawns. There’s nothing quite as soothing as spending a long, sunny day with friends and family in your own beautifully landscaped lawn after a brutal winter. This is one of the many reasons we love providing people with professional landscaping services. Landscaping is a noble endeavor that truly adds to an overall sense of home. Your home and landscape should be a welcoming environment where you can relax and unwind from the stress of your busy schedule.

Working with us, you can rest easy knowing that your lawn is in the hands of professional, experienced, informed and courteous lawn care technicians and can forget about the stress that can come along with maintaining your lawn by yourself. Below are six specific landscaping services we offer that are perfect for the spring season.

  1. Inspecting trees and shrubs – First, we’ll inspect your lawn for any dead or broken branches and get rid of them. Then we’ll professionally prune your lawn’s trees and shrubs to bring them back to their former glory.
  2. Fertilizing – Depending on your lawn’s soil conditions and your plants’ nutritional requirements, we’ll assess just how much or how little to effectively fertilize your lawn.
  3. Controlling weeds – For weeds like crabgrass, spring is the perfect time to utilize pre-emergent weed control.
  4. Making plant beds and edges nice and tidy – We’ll make sure to get rid of any debris and leaves from your lawn’s plant beds, prune dead branches and use state-of-the-art edging tools to leave your lawn looking neat and clean.
  5. Fertilizing trees and shrubs – Your lawn’s trees and shrubs greatly benefit from professional fertilization, often with a slow-release fertilizing agent introduced before applying any mulch.
  6. Mulching – Mulch doesn’t just make your planting areas look great, but it also helps soil retain moisture while also keeping roots cool during the summer and insulated during the winter. As it decomposes, mulch also adds nutritional organic matter to your soil bed.

If you’re interested in professional landscaping, contact us at: 603-635-4005