The Benefits of Hardscapes like Retaining Walls

Hardscapes from ProScapesRetaining walls provide a homeowner with a number of benefits when it comes to their home’s overall landscape. Serving both functional and aesthetic needs, retaining walls can add value to your home and protect your home from excess rain and landslides—all while making your home’s landscape far more neat and attractive. Retaining walls and cement or brick walkways would be considered “hardscapes.” Hardscapes are the manmade, or inorganic, parts of someone’s outdoor area. These include fixtures like patios, walkways, and retaining walls.

And, at Proscapes, we specialize in designing and installing hardscape fixtures like retaining walls. It’s important to have retaining walls installed on hills and slopes around your home in order to stop soil and water runoff that could potentially damage your property. Retaining walls work to provide support for keeping the soil on slopes in place as well as for preventing sink holes and eliminating eye sores like hills and dirt piles that can build up around your home.

For Both Form and Function

Hardscapes like retaining walls also help to prevent flooding on your property as well as reduce the amount of maintenance your lawn needs. They also help to prevent erosion and damage to your property and its surrounding structures. The main function of retaining walls is to protect your landscape and property by holding back soil that rests on downhill slopes. If you experience a great deal of wind and rain, the soil around your home can start to slide downhill and, without a retaining wall to stop it, you could come face to face with a wave of dirt, water, and soil that permeates your property; potentially damaging your property, home, and landscape.

Then there’s the aesthetic quality of retaining walls. Nothing makes the outside of your home look more neat and attractive than implementing hardscapes like patios, walkways, and retaining walls. The materials available for hardscape designs come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes—so adding retaining walls to your landscape will easily bring out your creative side. At Proscapes, we can effectively collaborate with you to design attractive retaining walls that will greatly enhance the overall beauty of your landscape. For both functional and aesthetic reasons, you need to work with Proscapes to ensure that your hardscapes and retaining walls are professionally designed and installed.

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