3 Reasons to Get Rid of Those Leaves

It’s getting to that time of year where ProScapes has begun to receive calls for seasonal landscaping help in and around Hudson, NH. Skilled landscapers know the importance of fall cleanup, and often focus on removing debris, such as leaves. If you have been questioning your need for raking, we can think of a few reasons you should get rid of those leaves:

1. It is the perfect place for pests and insects to live

Spiders, ticks, snails, worms, slugs, and abundance of other little critters make themselves at home in fallen leaves, as they provide some of the insulation they need to survive through the winter. Though many of these insects are harmless, there are some that carry diseases, which can impact you, your loved ones, and your pets.

2. It can impact the way your grass grows next season

Your lawn needs to breathe, and leaves create a thick layer over the surface that can suffocate your grass. Leaves form a barrier which does not allow water, nutrients, or air to reach the grassroots. In the spring, you could find your lawn dead after finally cleaning up the leaves!

3. It can cause snow mold and other diseases to your lawn

Similar to how leaves can create a barrier from the outside elements to your grass, leaves can trap moisture between them and the ground, especially during winter when snow falls and melts. This moisture, over an extended period of time, can cause mold and disease to your grass.

Are you out of time this season to complete the work yourself? There are landscaping companies out there who offer spring and fall lawn cleanup to prevent these issues from happening. From flower maintenance to mulching, ProScapes specializes in seasonal cleanup to ensure your home looks beautiful and is ready for the year to follow.

With more questions about how ProScapes can help with your lawn care in Hudson, NH, contact our experts today by calling (603) 635-4005.