Landscape Maintenance

landscaping lawnWeekly Mowing

When it comes to the overall health of your business’ lawn, weekly mowing is an undertaking that is of vital importance to your lawn’s well being. As part of our regular services, ProScapes will make sure to consistently mow your lawn in a professional and effective manner.

Weekly mowing is important because it, not only adds to the aesthetic value or your lawn, but also keeps your lawn healthy while eliminating pests and debris from the grass that can contribute to the overall depreciation of your lawn. Having a consistent length of grass on your lawn also helps to ensure that an equal distribution of resources and fertilizer are being applied.


Proper aerating of your lawn’s soil is also of vital importance the overall health of your lawn. Simply put, your lawn needs room to breathe. Aerating your lawn means loosening the soil so that important nutrients, water, fertilizer, and pesticides can more easily flow through your lawn and greater enhance your lawn’s ability to absorb these nutrients in order to remain healthy.

Lawn Installation

ProScapes also specializes in complete lawn installation. Whether your lawn needs to be built up from scratch or retreated to bring your lawn back to life, we can easily collaborate with you to design a plan of action unique to your own lawn needs.


Professional mulching will give you a beautiful weed free yard that can make your overall landscape, “pop,” by contrasting the lush greenery of your lawn with different tones of natural bark mulch. Mulching is important to the overall health of your lawn as well. It makes your lawn look much cleaner, keeps weeds under control, and helps to maintain a more even distribution of moisture, nutrients, and fertilizer in your lawn’s soil. As the mulch decomposes, it will benefit your lawn by becoming nutrient rich organic material that will add to the overall health of your lawn’s soil. Let us handle the proper installation of your lawn’s mulch to enhance the overall aesthetic beauty of your yard.

Shrub Maintenance

Shrub maintenance can help add to the aesthetic value of your lawn by keeping your trees and shrubs looking healthy, vivacious, colorful, and well-kept. ProScapes can help you realize your vision with effective pruning, fertilization, insect and shrub disease treatments, and anti-desiccant services tailored to suit your unique landscape conditions in order to make your lawn one that is supports healthy and vibrant shrubs.