Common Weeds Found In NH

Weeds are a nuisance and typically unsightly. There are many different types of weeds, many of which Retaining_Wall_-_Windhamgrow in different areas of the country. They have different characteristics, some being ugly, some that sprout flowers. Weeds can put a damper on any lawn and here are a few commonly found in landscaping for Hudson, NH homes.

White Clover

A common weed is White Clover. It has white flower-like tops, but the flowers don’t have traditional petals. Instead, they are pointy looking and make a round formation at the head of the plant. They typically have three distinctive clover leaves, or four if you’re lucky.


Dandelions grow everywhere and have one of the longest flowering seasons of any plant. They have yellow blossoms. After flowering, they develop a round cluster of seed cases that form a characteristic puffball. While considered a weed, every part of it can be used for food, medicine, and dye.


Yarrow has small white, pink or red flowers attached to stalks. It is used in herbal medicine and used as an additive to some liquors.


An unsightly weed with many small buds on think projections coming out of a stalk. This plant can become a tumbleweed when conditions become dry. The little buds and projections attached to them break off from the main part of the plant.


A form of grass, but not typically something you want in your lawn. It can be quite tall with chutes coming out of the top. This grass grows pretty much everywhere except for Arizona and Florida. It even grows as far north as the Arctic.


This grass has thick stalks and long leaves, and it can grow tall and stand out against your lawn. The only place it doesn’t grow is the Pacific Northwest.


A common weed that stays low to the ground, so it isn’t always easy to notice. It has dark, rounded leaves and can flower yellow flowers.


Mallow grows everywhere except for Florida. It can grow low to the ground with larger leaves with jagged edges.


Restricted to the east coast to the north of Virginia, this plant has flowers and is sometimes planted as an ornamental plant.

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