Reason You Need Regular Lawn Maintenance

When your yard looks great, and all the pieces come together nicely, maintaining your yard will keep yourhorticulture lawn garden mower device at green plants and trees healthy, and help everything to thrive in the warm months. Here at ProScapes, we know what steps need to be taken to maintain your lawn so you can get the most out of it.

There are some major components to lawn maintenance.

  • Appropriately watering your lawn, so the grass doesn’t dry out and change from green to brown.
  • Mowing helps build a thicker, heavier lawn by reducing the workload on grass plant’s root systems. The bigger the plant, the more water, and nutrients it needs. When the culm is smaller, it’s easier on the root system.
  • Fertilizing will add nutrients to the soil to provide to your grass.
  • Aerating helps keep your lawn healthy. It opens up compacted soil so oxygen can reach microbes which break down organic matter.
  • De-thatching is done by removing thatch material with a rake or a power de-thatcher. Thatch material is what collects around the base of grass plants. A small amount helps conserve water by blocking evaporation, but a heavy build up keeps water and air from reaching the soil.
  • Weeds pop up in any lawn and weeding is an ongoing process. If a lot of weeds pop up, your grass is weaker than it should be.

Maintaining your lawn and keeping it healthy helps keep a healthy environment. Lawns filter pollutants from rainwater. Grass is an excellent groundcover; it’s more efficient at preventing erosion than bare soil. It reduces storm water runoff, absorbs and filters rainfall, and counterbalances hard, urban surfaces. Grass absorbs as much carbon dioxide as trees, cuts down on noise and air pollution, and dissipates heat to reduce the temperature. Grass and plants preserve nature and protect our natural resources.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and can offer natural shade strategies for your home to reduce a household’s energy consumption. Trees increase curb appeal and increase your property value.

The professionals at ProScapes have the experience and tools to maintain your lawn. Give us a call at (603) 635-4005.