Unlikely Benefits of Trees in Your Landscape Design

Our climate doesn’t just affect the temperatures outside; it also affects the temperature and comfort of our Fence Installation - 2homes. Your home can be made cooler or warmer than you’d like depending on the amount of sun that comes through your windows, and the air and ground temperature. Landscaping from ProScapes can go a long way towards increasing the comfort of your home by planting trees.

Carefully positioned trees can reduce a household’s energy consumption for heating and cooling. A well-designed landscape provides energy savings that can return your initial investment within a few years. If you shade an air conditioner, it can increase the air conditioner’s efficiency. A well-planted landscape can reduce an unshaded home’s summer air-conditioning costs. Houses with windbreaks placed on the side where the wind is coming will have less fuel consumption than unprotected homes. The solar heat that is absorbed through windows and roofs increases cooling costs; incorporating shade can help reduce that solar heat.

Knowing what landscape shade strategies work best in your climate is necessary before throwing trees in your yard. There are many trees available in appropriate sizes and shapes for almost any shade application. Some trees can block solar heat, and trees that provide continuous shade, and trees that block heavy winds.

A slow growing tree may require many years of growth before it shades your roof, but it will generally live longer than a fast-growing tree. Slow growing trees have deeper roots and stronger branches, so they are less prone to breaking during windstorms or heavy snow loads. These kinds of trees can also be more drought resistant.

Trees do need to be planted far enough away from the home so that the root system doesn’t damage the foundation when it matures, and so branches don’t damage the roof as they grow.

Other plants can be used to help with energy efficiency. Vines, for example, also shade walls. Using plant species that are adapted to your local climate is the best way to go. Native species don’t need as much maintenance when they are established, and they also avoid dangers of invasive species.

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